Healing a Sprained Ankle Fast Using 6 Methods

Healing a sprained ankle can be simple. A sprained ankle happens when someone turns his or her foot or leg the wrong way. A sprain to the ankle exists if it rolls or twists the wrong way. The turning or rolling of an ankle will result in a stretching or slashing of the ligaments. Ligaments are tough bands that help in supporting the ankle bones.

They stabilize the joints to prevent excessive movement of the joints. A sprain will occur because of the ligament stress and pull further than they should be. Most sprain treatments are over the counter. Pain medication and ice packs are the most used for treating sprains.


Healing a Sprained Ankle Fast

Seeking a doctor

Self-treatment can involve several things. One must see the doctor establish how bad the sprain is before treating. The doctor will take x-rays to see if any tiny cracks or fractures that show up. If this is inconclusive, the doctor may do a bone scan. With the bones scan, a radio-technician will hook up a small IV and send radiation through the body. Damaged bones will appear as dark spots on the scanner. Bones love radiates and especially broken or damaged bones. Two other tests the doctor performs to rule out fractures. A CT scan (computerized tomography) and an MRI (magnetic resonance image). The CT will take more advanced and increased x-ray angles of the ankle. The MRI uses radio waves to produce images. The MRI is best when examining things such as ligaments and tendons.

Over the counter medication

There are many different opinions on the treatment and healing of a sprained ankle. Some people will seek over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Motrin. Things like Tylenol will only take care of the pain whereas Motrin or Advil contain something for pain as well as anti-inflammatory medicine. These medications will usually be enough to take the edge off the sprain pain. This combines with keeping the foot elevated. The less a person stands on the ankle or puts their weight on it, the better. A sprain will usually take 3- 5 days to feel better when walking.

Physical Therapist

Some people need to seek therapy due to the extensiveness of the sprain. The swelling goes down and you may need to stretch the muscles to allow for the stiffness from non-use to go away. The therapist will start with simple things like range of motion. This happens when someone lies down or sits down and the ankle moves in a normal pattern. The therapist will work with the range of motion as well as strengthen. In strengthening the ankles, they will eventually add weight to the ankle. Some physical therapist will require the patient to undergo some training in balance and stability. This is due to the ankle becoming weaker with less use. To do the balance exercise, the therapist may require the patient to stand on one leg. They may require all of the weight placed on the bad leg. Therapy will probably only last a few days to a week and your ankle should return as well as new.

Continued exercise and stretching are great for sprained ankles. One way to get the exercise needed without putting pressure on the ankle is getting into the swimming pool. The pool offers resistance without the weight. This is good for sprains and will help the foot and ankle area to stretch and gain strength.

Healing a sprained ankle at home

This is more common than following through with doctors’ visits or therapy. The first thing to do in healing a sprained ankle is to evaluate the injury. In a sprained ankle, there will be swelling due to ligaments. Ligaments tend to swell up quicker. If injured, be sure to support the ankle taking care not to cause further distress or injury. Healing the sprained ankle will require the use of rest and ice and possibly an ankle brace.

Applying ice

Using ice with healing a sprained ankle will help in reducing swelling. If there is less swelling, there is less pain. To apply ice packs, one needs to apply the ice for 10-15 minutes. Remove the ice and re-apply in 4-6 hours. Do these four times a day for the first two days. Using ice for longer periods could damage the tissue around the ankle. Take care not to put the ice directly on the ankle. A person can apply ice to cold water and soak the foot in there for the same amount of time.

Taking a Rest

Resting the foot is the most important thing in healing a sprained ankle. Staying off the ankle and allowing it to heal will allow it to heal quicker. You can exercise the ankles but minimally for the few days. Be sure to elevate the leg so that is above the heart. This will keep the leg from swelling and will cut down on the throbbing pain of the foot or ankle. Healing a sprained ankle will just take time. Some doctors agree that wrapping the ankle will allow it to heal quicker. Others say this adds pressure and causes more pain in the joints. The decision to wrap the sprain will be yours.

Taking Care

Healing a sprained ankle will take diligence on your part to keep from overusing the ankle. Taking care of the ankle as soon as it happens is the best way to treat the sprain. If you take care of the sprain as soon as it happens, the ankle will heal. Ankle injuries are common in elderly and children. The elderly have weak bones and tend to twist or turn them due to unsteady gait Children tend to roughhouse more by giving them more chances for injury. The best way to avoid ankle injuries in children and the elderly is to be careful.

The Conclusion

Healing a sprained ankle is best if you follow strict guidelines from the doctor. Since many people are unable to afford health insurance to go to the doctor, they are looking for ways to treat themselves at home. Healing a sprained ankle at home can take a few days of rest and your ankle will be as good as new.

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