4 Natural Ways To Stop Dull Headaches behind Eyes

Have you ever had a headache and felt a dull ache behind your eyes? If you have, then most likely what you are experiencing is a tension headache.

A tension headache is basically a headache that causes your head, skull and/or eyes feel like it is being squeezed through a vice.

It can be so excruciating, looking at bright lights or opening your eyes can be very painful and debilitating.

But, there are secret natural ways to instantly stop your getting headaches behind the eyes.

Four Secret Natural Ways to Instantly Stop Dull Headaches behind the Eyes!



Headaches behind the eyes usually occur when you are really stressed. So to stop getting headaches immediately, you have to simply relax. There are many ways to relax your body and mind. You can do a simple meditation by simply closing your eyes and counting back to 100. Or, you can have a warm bath, cover your eyes with cucumber and then relax in a soapy bubble bath!


Magnetic Therapy

Magnets can significantly stop you from having headaches. Magnets help you stop having headaches behind the eyes by allowing better blood flow to your eyes and stopping pain signals from reaching to the nerves of your eyes. It can also heal up any tissue that is damaged around your head. You can buy magnets that surround your head inexpensively and simply through many ways like the internet! They are effective and simple to use and require less maintenance!


Soft Tissue Massage of the neck

Soft tissue massage of the neck is one of the best ways to remove headaches behind the eyes. Usually, headaches are caused by tight muscles surrounding the neck and base of the skulls. The tight muscles can compress nerves that travel to the skull and eyes. If you loosen up the muscles around the neck, you loosen up the nerves which help to stop you getting pain behind the eyes. You can buy portable massagers to help get rid of all the tension in your neck and they work really well!


Apply TENs Unit around your neck and head

You can apply a TENs unit around your neck and head to help stop the pain. A TENs unit is basically an electrical stimulator that helps pain signals from traveling up to your eyes. They work instantly and stop the pain from coming to your eyes. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to find!

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