Pain Under Shoulder Blades In The Left and Right Side

In general, one part of the body such as shoulder blades is one of the most vulnerable points in the human body. In addition, the structure of shoulder blades is quite complex, it becomes very susceptible to injury. There lots of factors that cause pain under shoulder blades. This type of pain became the most difficult pain to deal. It is because pain under right shoulder blade involves an area in which muscle groups are gathered. In addition to that, a person usually experiences the pain under right shoulder back (or, it could be pain under left shoulder back as well), which is nearly impossible to manage alone. That is why a help from others will be needed, as when a person feels severe pain under his shoulder back. In general, various ways are seemingly used to manage any pain appears in the shoulder blades.


What Causes Pain under Should Blades

In everyday life, when people do a lot of activities, the hands become a very active part. With so much activity in hands area, your shoulder will receive so much tense as well. Some types of activities such as carrying children or lifting shopping bags are few examples that make the shoulder receives the excessive load. Consequently, shoulders and hands to be a part of our body that are often under pressure, generating pain mainly under shoulder blades which make us suffer.

Here are some factors that can trigger the appearance of pain under shoulder blades.

– Injury or trauma to the shoulder ligaments and bone structure.

– Old age


– Surgery, for example, breast cancer surgery

– Arthritis

– Osteoporosis

– Muscle cramps that occur when exercising

Rotator Cuff Injuries

– Excessive stress

– Heart Disease

Management of Pain under Shoulder Blades

Let us face with home remedies, as they are included in simple ways to ease the pain between shoulder blades.

  • You have to examine the usual daily activities. It means you have to check whether or not if there are a lot of pressure-inducing activities involved. If there is any activity you spotted, be sure to avoid it for a while.
  • Take a rest is another important step to take. You can lie down on the floor or else, prop your body by using a chair with a comfortable backrest.
  • Relieve yourself from stress which is about to affect your body both physically and mentally. In this sense, you can take several days off or take slow path when you are working.
  • Take some simple exercises, in order to get rid of the pain in the shoulder blades. These activities were including few abduction and adduction, extension and flexion routines, and some stretching.
  • Another option like using cold packs to do ice massages needs to be considered. The pain under shoulder blade location is usually not easy to be reached, so you will need others help.
  • Take some alternative to following yoga classes.

Shoulder blades pain was terrible, but not necessarily the kind of pain that cannot be overcome.

Pain under Shoulder Blade in Left Side

Pain is harmful to people. Nobody wants to get pain. Pain under left shoulder blade is an uncommon pain for people. But it happens for everyone, no matter how old they are. Even, people can get the pain under left shoulder blade when breathing. Usually, this pain is easy to be treated. The point is, everybody should know about the reason for getting the pain. It is important so you know the right step to treating it. Actually, there are some reasons why people get pain in the left shoulder blade.

Pain under Left Shoulder Blade Treatment

The first point is about the age. Everybody is growing old. No matter what your status and your occupation, you still get old. The aging process has resulted in back pain under left shoulder blade. It is because the bones and joints inside your body are weaker and brittle. The older people, the more often they get arthritis. And it makes the shoulder blade feel pains and aches. If you feel it, then you better to go to the doctor as soon as possible. He will give you a good recommendation about the most appropriate treatment method for you.

Do not think if sleeping is easy. Sometimes the wrong position in sleeping can make people get the pain under left shoulder blade and back. It is because there is set wrong in the muscle or the shoulder. The treatment method to get it better is easy. You only need to take a bath with warm water and do some preventive steps. You are also able to try a different way of sleeping position. You may use two pillows to avoid the pain.

Pain under Left Shoulder Blade Symptoms

You also can get pain behind left shoulder blade if there is a pinched nerve. It makes you feel pain even when you lay down your arms. But you do not need to worry because it can be treated easily. There are many treatment methods that available to help you up. Go to the doctor to ask about the right method that appropriates for you. Besides the muscle relaxers, you are also able to eat some drugs to help you in minimizing the pain. But still, the physical therapy is the best way to treat you. It is because people believe that physical therapy has less risk rather than consume for drugs.

If you do a hard activity, you can get a torn rotator cuff around the muscle. If it happens, then you will feel the shoulder is a pain. The doctor usually will make sure by doing an X-ray on the pain area. If there is rotator cuff, then the doctor will suggest you about surgery. You also can get physical therapy to help you in fixing the shoulder as soon as possible.

Sometimes, left shoulder blade pain can be symptoms that there is something wrong inside your body. It is a signal if your organ cannot work well. If pain under left shoulder blade symptoms happens, you will feel that the most pain is around the underneath your shoulder blade. Then, it can be a signal if there is something wrong with your heart or stomach.

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Pain in Shoulder Blade Right Side

Perhaps you had once experience pain under shoulder blades. In general, that kind of pain differentiated throughout two types: pain under right shoulder blade and pain under left shoulder blade. When pain under right shoulder emerges, this can be a symptom of which shows gallstones or gallbladder inflammation. Furthermore, it can also be a signal of which shows the duodenum-related-problem, or else, signifies liver disease. At the same time, pain under left shoulder blade probably is a symptom signifying a problem in the chest or in the stomach. If you feel right shoulder pain, then you must consult the doctor or health care provider in order to receive treatment options and a diagnosis.

Many indications of right shoulder pain vary, and they are related to certain spots where the pain occurred. Lots of bones and joints make up the shoulder areas, including shoulder blade, collarbone, and the humerus. There are also a group of tendons and related muscles, and they are usually called die rotator cuff. These attached to the shoulder joint. In addition to these, small fluid-filled sacs (bursa) are also sustaining a smooth movement on people. In general, pain under right shoulder blade exist and form by these structures.

Cause and Treatments

There lots of factors that cause pain under the right shoulder blade, among which are overuse, trauma, or infection. These all cause inflammation of bursitis (or small fluid-filled sacs). A painful inflammation, which is widely called as arthritis becomes the main cause of osteoarthritis. The pain in the shoulder can also be sourced from a dislocation or break. For a specific pain such as right shoulder blade, the reasons would be different. Gallstones penetrating the channel or heated gallbladder could create pain under the right shoulder blade, as well as few other causes such as a duodenal ulcer or liver disease. If you experience pain in the shoulder, it is advisable to seek help from medical specialists.

Actually, there are other options such as home remedies, but this will not be effective, especially if you have an injury or have intense pain. Physical examination needs to be done because shoulder blades pain is generally not caused by muscle disorders. Various types of motion in the shoulders and arms must be considered, especially to find out whether there are certain movements that cause pain or to see if the shoulder can move or not. When you check the shoulder, the doctor will also check a few things, such as muscle wasting deformity, or tenderness.

Proper Treatment

So when you go to the doctor with the intention to heal pain under right shoulder blade. several variations of the diagnosis may be made, in order to know what kind of damage to your shoulder. Diagnosis using X-rays may show some abnormalities, such as bone breaks and fractures in the shoulder. Some imagining tests such as CT and MRI scans help doctors to see soft tissues in the bones, as well as the shoulder joint. Nerve damage may also be found when you have right shoulder pain.

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