What To Do For Rotator Cuff Pain?

What To Do For Rotator Cuff Pain?

For understanding rotator cuff pain, you would have to know the anatomy of the rotator cuff. Basically, this kind of pain is a specific type of upper arm pain that arises due to any trauma to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is made up of four tendons that are responsible for the movement of the shoulder joint in different directions.

Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Understanding Rotator Cuff Pain

These four tendons hold the shoulder joint in place and ensure its safety and movement. These tendons are extensions of four muscles that are responsible for the different motions of the shoulder. The causes that lead to an upper arm pain of the rotator cuff are many and here is a look at the major causes.

The rotator cuff is a term used to describe four muscles (and the associated tendons) that support the shoulder girdle and rotate the upper arm internally and externally within the shoulder joint. These muscles are the supraspinatus, subscapularis, infraspinatus and teres minor. Damage to any of these muscles or tendons can result in rotator cuff syndrome. Rotator cuff syndrome can be classified into three stages. In stage, I, swelling or hemorrhaging occurs. In this stage, rotator cuff syndrome can be either reversed and healed or if left untreated, can progress. Stage II includes inflammation of one or more rotator cuff tendons and development of scar tissue. Stage III, the most serious stage, usually involves tendon rupture or one or more rotator cuff muscle tears. The supraspinatus is the most commonly affected muscle.

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Rotator Cuff Syndrome Symptoms

Pain is experienced in the shoulders, especially when raising the arm out to the side and overhead. Other symptoms can include weakness in lifting the arm and a limited range of motion while raising the arm to the front or side, or while rotating the arm.


Rotator Cuff Pain Causes

There are several causes of the rotator cuff pain and you would find that they are related to some upper arm pain causes. Trauma and injury are the biggest reasons that can lead to rotator cuff pain, with such trauma and injury common to people who participate in sports which require the excessive use and chances of an injury to the rotator cuff. Aging is another major factor that can lead to rotator cuff pain and degeneration of the rotator cuff can also bring about this pain. Inflammation of the rotator cuff can be because of tendonitis, arthritis or bursitis of the shoulder and this would require immediate medical attention. Rotator cuff pain can also become common in people who perform repetitive overhead motions, leading to stress in this region. Some other upper arm pain causes can also lead to rotator cuff pain and it is better if you do not ignore this problem.


Treating Rotator Cuff Pain

The general treatment of upper arm pain can be done in a variety of ways. The best way of taking care of upper arm pain is through rest. You simply have to give the required amount of rest to the muscles that have been stressed and injured. Finding the underlying cause of the problem is the next step that you should take. The cases of upper arm pain can be handled through these simple methods and some anti-inflammatory medications for reducing the pain. Most of these methods for upper arm pain treatment also prove helpful in handling a case of rotator cuff pain.

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