What Do Sinus Headaches Feel Like?

What Are Sinus Headaches?

As a person who suffered most of her life of sinus headache symptoms, I think that the most important thing is first to understand what is a sinus headache.

From my perspective, only after well figure out what we actually suffer from, we will have the opportunity to deal with it.

Anyone who suffered sinusitis pain in his life knows how bad and hurt it can be. I remember that each time I had a headache I was afraid to even to move my head and felt an inability to concentrate on something other than pain.

What are sinuses?

Sinuses are air spaces which located in front of the skull bones. Inside these spaces lined saliva that keeps them from infecting various infections.

There are four pairs of sinuses:

  1. Maxillary sinus located under the eyes on both sides and it can cause pain in the area below the eyes toward the forehead.
  2. Frontal sinus located above the eyes and can cause a headache in the forehead, above the eyes.
  3. ethmoid sinus located in the center of the face, behind the nose and can cause an Interior pain in the center of the skull.
  4. Sphenoid sinuses located inside the skull and can cause a pain in the rear and around the center of the crown.

What causes sinus disease?

Most of the time cause for sinus headache symptoms is an inflammation or a blockage of one or more sinuses drainage.

How to diagnose the disease?

The first diagnosis of sinus headache symptoms or a tension headache symptoms usually made when we come to the doctor with a runny, stuffy nose, pain in the eye, forehead etc.

The doctor will check the symptoms to see if this is a sinus infection or a blocked sinus, and then will decide if there is any need to perform the following tests:

  1. Examination using medical devices to check the majority spaces at the front of the nose.
  2. Endoscopy examination which performs under local anesthesia using telescope and spray. With this test, the doctor will try to review all areas of the nose to its deep entrance at the base of the skull.
  3. X-rays that can give a general observation whether there are inflammation and acute sinusitis.

Ways to treat sinus headache symptoms

A sinus headache is a painful condition that can be accompanied by complications and risk. That’s why it is important to find a sinus headache remedies that will cure the headache symptoms, but more important will eliminate it permanently.

Many physicians recommend various treatments such as medication, nasal spray, antibiotics, rinse of the sinuses and even surgery.

It is important to know that all these treatments deal with the sinus headache symptoms but almost never cure the problem of its root.

Fortunately, after many years in which I suffered from sinus headache symptoms, I found a natural treatment that eliminates my sinus headache for good.

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