Stages And Color Of Bruises

Have you ever known about the stages of bruises why they are changing the color as the time they heal? The bruises are formed because of particular reasons. The blow directly to the skin is the cause that makes the bruises appear in your skin.

The healing process will make the color of the bruise is changing. When your blood is leaked caused of the blow, the body will absorb it which makes the color of the bruises changed.

Notice the changing colors time of the appearance of the bruises can be done by seeing the variant colors of the bruises. In healing the bruises, it takes time for 2 weeks to heal back normal. The stages of the color in the day 1 would be pink and red, day 2 until day 6 the color of the bruises would be blue and dark purple.

The day 7 the bruises change the color into pale green color. The day 8 till your bruises is healed the color would be yellow and brown and back to normal. It needs to take 14 days to heal your bruises for good; you would better to use some particular recipes or creams that are directed by the doctor.



Pink and Red

Why Did My Bruise Turn Red?

Your bruise turned red because the red color is produced from the fresh blood which is leaked into the tissues. If the red color in your bruise is so bright, it because the fresh blood contains oxygen and iron. The blow to the skin will first make the outlook of your skin will turn into pink and immediately to the red bruise, so this is the first difficult and harmful stage to have bruises. You must struggle with it.

What Does A Red Bruise Means?

The red bruise means the bruise is swollen; the red bruise will turn to be more sensitive and tender to be touched. You can keep and prevent the red bruises swollen area from any contacts because it will be so much harmful if the red bruises get touched. You can wash the bruises and clean the wound to minimize the chance of the infection to grow up in your skin area. The red bruises need to be treated immediately to not to get worst.

When Your Bruises Turn Red?

Skin is so sensitive to the blow, the red bruise will appear right in time when you get a blow in the skin, therefore you have to concern about your own physical health to prevent the bruise appears in your skin. If you are unlucky enough to get blow and the red bruise is starting to appear, the first thing that you have to do next is using the clean tissue and water to clean the red bruise areas and do it gently to minimize the pain that you feel from the wound.


Blue and Dark Purple

Why Is My Bruise Black?

A red bruise appears for about 24 hours, and the red bruise will turn into a blue and dark purple. Why is it changed? Because the leaking blood vessels have lost the oxygen that contains in the blood. When this is happening to you, the blood of yours will become darker and may in several times turn into a dark purple.

Sometimes, there are also the long days like 4 days in more specific time to take to turn the bruise into blue or darker purple, keep continuing in the usage of the cream for healing the bruises. Black bruises mean that you are being in the middle of the bruises healing process.

What Does A Black Bruise Mean?

The black bruises also mean that the age of your bruise is already in 4 or 5 days. You may feel more harmful because the swollen in your bruise is bigger and it kinds of hurt to touch. If you think that the swollen of your bruise is not normal, you can go to the doctor to have the best treatment because if you do some wrong movements for your bruise healing process it would have the chance that the bruises will get worst.

When Your Bruise Turns Black?

The black bruise changes within 4 and 5 days before the bruise it changes into pale green color. When the oxygen that contains in your blood vessels is lost, the bruise will turn into a black bruise to cover the red bruise part. It is a normal symptom that you will normally feel. Don’t get much of moving, because if you move too much, it will make the pain that you feel will more hurt.


Pale Green

Why Is My Bruise Green?

When your bruise turns into a pale green color, it is a good sign for you. It means that your bruise is going to heal. The iron-containing blood which is also called hemoglobin will be released when your red cells are broken down. The hemoglobin will be converted properly with your body into some colored chemicals. The pale green bruise is being the sign for you that the bruise is already healing.

What Does A Green Bruise Mean?

The pale green bruise means the good thing for the sufferer of a bruise, it begins to heal properly within more days ahead, and the pale green color is able to be seen starting in the edge of the bruise. Aside from that, the first appearance of the pale green color also able to be located in the center of the bruise depends on how deep your bruise is. The pale green bruise has a meaning for the occurrence of the hemoglobin that fails the cells called biliverdin. In addition, the word of verdin means a green color in Latin words.

When Your Bruise Turns Green?

You have to concern when your bruise turns into a pale green color in the day 7, it times to heal, so you have to be more protecting your skin condition, still always use the product or the recipes that is asked by the doctor to use and apply. Cause in this bruise transition color, the pain that you feel will be healed in the no longer time. The only thing that you have to do is doing your best and be more patient. The pain that you feel will decrease and it won’t as hurt as in the blue and dark purple bruise.


Yellow and Brown

What Does It Mean When Bruise Turns Yellow?

Here we go you are being in the condition of the last part in the bruise healing process. If you start to notice that the color of your bruise turns into a yellow color bruise, it means that the final stage of healing in which the hemoglobin product called bilirubin does a final breakdown in your skin. So you aren’t supposed to worry anymore that the hardest and darker time in the bruises healing process is gone, now is the final stage in healing. The more several days ahead, your sin will be back normal and your job then never gets your skin blow anymore.

When A Bruise Is Yellow And Is It Good?

The yellow and brown bruise appears while the bilirubin is breaking down your skin, and the skin color means a good thing that the bruise will go away slowly and when the time your bruise is healed, there is no more changing multiple colors anymore till the bruise will completely go.

Actually, in common of dealing with the bruise wound, the bruise will turn into a yellow within a day after passing the pale green color which needs to take 5 days after the red bruise and blue and dark purple bruise. It times to recover from the sadness of bruise, and this yellow color means good to heal.

How Long Does It Take For A Bruise To Turn Yellow?

Your skin gets to blow and it will turn a red bruise rapidly but it takes for about 7 days to turn the bruise into a yellow bruise. The yellow bruise will have the longest time itself to appear in your skin for recovering, it appears till your skin is back to normal, because the yellow bruise is the last part to heal your bruise.


To conclude all of the processes in healing is it takes all the 14 days to heal perfectly. The long 14 days of stages of bruises in the healing process, the bruises show multiple color changes. Keep in mind that you will never want to experience this anymore.

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