4 Common Causes of Underarm Ache

Pain In Armpits can be experienced by any man or woman. The armpit area is very sensitive regions. usually, the pain may be symptoms stress to the body in physical exercise or use of health products that may cause a chemical reaction in which case in which case avoiding such products can solve the pain issue. unfortunately, there is likely a chance for it to be serious. Lumps and blisters in the armpits may be related to cancerous diseases. In which case seeking medical care is crucial to avoid further health problems.

For many females, the pain in armpits was a starting point to a more serious problem which includes breast cancer. Many who first ignored the first symptom of pain in the armpits but only later on after the situation worsened realized the seriousness of the issue. Also, many men and woman may also feel pain in the shoulders and arms alongside the armpits, this is because of the nerve connection in these areas of the body. Like with anybody pain, good healthy foods will always help in flushing out the system from bacteria and diseases. Prevention is always better than cure and although you may feel pain in armpits, it can always increase to a major problem in the long run if ignored.

As mentioned earlier the pain may be a minor problem such as too much use of a deodorant or just the type of clothing worn (tight clothing etc). Therefore always check with trial and error to find the cause of the pain. A simple removal of a health product from your bathroom may be the cure. Remember, the armpits are very sensitive areas and special close attention should be taken when pain occurs.

Now, there is a chance that the pain in armpits being more serious than it may seem. If you see blisters or bumps in the armpit areas then seek medical care right away. These are similar to chicken pox but are very painful. It is possible for it to spread to other areas of the body. In this case, the pain in armpits will slowly ease off after medical treatment.

While there are many possible reasons that you may be experiencing underarm pain, one thing is common to all of them: it should not be ignored and you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Some causes of underarm pain are, of course, more serious than others. Still, pain in any part of the body should not be ignored. There is a reason for it, and that reason must be determined.

Below are just some of the many possible causes of underarm pain.


Heart Attack

This cause should be seriously considered if the pain is under the left arm. Do not ignore this pain, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath. This is one of the most common causes of underarm pain.

Nerve Damage

Damage to certain nerves can result in underarm pain. One such example is damage caused to the brachial plexus. This type of injury happens most often to women during the birth process, but there are others possible causes of injury to the brachial plexus as well.


This cause of underarm pain is somewhat related to nerve damage. That is because those suffering from diabetes may experience underarm pain after experiencing nerve damage as a result of their disease.

Some other possible causes include:

  • Breast issues
  • Lung problems
  • Injury to the underarm area

Naturally, there is no reason to panic if you experience underarm pain, but you should evaluate the situation. Make note of any other symptoms that you may be experiencing. This could help you pinpoint the cause of your pain.

If A Rash Is Present

If there is a rash under the arm, ask yourself if you have applied any new type of deodorant or lotion to the area. It could be that you are having an allergic reaction to something in such a product. If there are other symptoms, such as those mentioned above, you will need to determine whether a visit to the emergency room is needed, or if you can wait and make an appointment with your doctor.

Should You Go To The Emergency Room? 

Below are some symptoms that should cause you to head straight to the emergency room.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Tightness in chest
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Pain that spread across the back or down the arm

It is important not to ignore the symptoms of what could potentially be a life-threatening condition. Is all underarm pain related to such conditions? No, but unless you are certain of the source of your pain, it is better to go the doctor to get checked out.

Even if the pain is not being caused by a heart attack, there is some reason for it. The doctor will be able to pinpoint that reason and help ensure that you get the proper treatment.

If you are fairly certain that the pain is caused by a product that you used, you can simply discontinue use of the product. If the rash does not go away in a day or two, you should see your doctor.

4 Common Causes of Underarm Ache, Last Update: 30/4/2017

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