6 Causes of Right Side above The Hip

Right hip pain is a general symptom that people use to describe any discomfort that they feel in the right part of their hip. Therefore, experiencing such only means that there is a disorder that causes it. This material will give you an idea about the different conditions that cause this pain.


What is a right hip pain?

This refers to a different number of illnesses wherein the individual experiences pain coming from the right side of their hip. They usually occur in two areas of the hip – these are the groin area (where your hip joint can be found) and the area near the upper thigh.

What causes it?

The following illnesses are said to be the cause of right hip pain:


Arthritis is a general condition that refers to the inflammation in the individual’s joint. As there are many joints in our body, there are also many forms of arthritis. One of its common forms, osteoarthritis, can cause right hip pain. This is experienced when the cartilage in your hip joint wears away; this, in turn, will cause the tendons being stretched and the bones rubbing at each other, bringing constant and severe pain to the joints.

You know that you have osteoarthritis if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the joint is common, and they are experienced in almost all situations (there is a pain while the joint is being used, or even after use, or even if the joint has been inactive for some time).
  • There is tenderness in the affected joints
  • Joints may be harder to use (due to less flexibility)
  • Joints may be stiff, especially during the morning, because of inactivity

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Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis refers to the inflammation of any of the two major bursae found in the hip – the ischial bursa and the trochanteric bursa. The bursa is a jelly-like sac which acts as a cushion to minimize the friction in your bones and muscles when you’re moving them. Depending on the affected bursa, different symptoms can be experienced.

Ischial bursa

Located in the upper area of the buttocks, those with ischial bursitis experience dull pain (the pain is scattered on larger area) which is mostly felt when climbing stairs or uphill. It can also be experienced after sitting on hard surfaces for a long time.

Trochanteric bursa

People with trochanteric bursitis frequently experience tenderness in their outer hip. This makes it difficult for them to lie on the side where they’re experiencing discomfort, which in turn causes difficulty in sleeping. They also experience dull and burning pain in the same area, which is aggravated by too much stair climbing or walking.

Avascular necrosis

Also known as osteonecrosis, this condition is experienced when the individual’s bone tissue died because it does not receive the adequate blood supply. This is commonly experienced on the hip bone and is caused by too much pressure inside the bone or joint injuries such as dislocations. If left untreated, this condition may cause greater damage. This is because the lack of blood flow to the bones can cause it to break bit by bit until it totally collapses.

People with this condition will experience mild pain at first, especially if pressure is continuously applied to the affected area. However, as time progresses, the pain also increases in severity and can become constant. This can lead to severe pain if the bone and the affected joint collapses, and may even lead to your inability to properly use that joint.

Hip Labral Tear

Another condition that may cause right hip pain is a hip labral tear. People with this condition experience problem in their labrum, a cartilage found in the hip socket. This part provides stability and cushion to the hip joints, keeping it in place. This injury is most common in athletes; since their activity forces them to overuse their muscles, this may eventually damage their labrum.

People with this condition experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the hip and groin area.
  • Stiffness in the hip joint (causing limited movement).
  • “Catching” sensation in the hip joint while moving (feeling that your joints momentarily stopped before you can take another step).

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