What Causes Armpit Pain – 6 Common Causes

What Causes Armpit Pain?

Armpit pain

If you feel armpit pain, it’s usually signed that your body is fighting an infection. When you get infected by a bacteria, for example, your body collects the debris from the infection and. The debris is collected and gathered in your lymph nodes, and that is why they get swollen and painful. The lymph nodes could remain swollen for weeks, and that is not a reason for concern. However, if the armpit pain is caused by an infection, the pain should stop in a few days. If it doesn’t pass in a week or two, you should have it checked out. Muscle strain can cause pain as well and so could different wounds to the arm.


Why do I feel pain under my armpit?

According to few medical researchers, shooting armpit pain is generally triggered by inflamed and swollen lumps. This condition is due to the close proximity of numerous blood vessels and lymph nodes, but there are other medical conditions such as strain injuries, trauma on the specific area, cerebrovascular clogging of the vessels, and cancer amongst others which can be the reason of axilla pain. Under armpit pain in certain persons can be mild, moderate or severe, it can be felt only one time or it can be reoccurring, and it all depends on the reason behind the pain and the involved structures. If you are experiencing mild pain under right armpit or pain under the left armpit, palpate the area and see if you can feel any swollen lumps. If the pain under your armpit perseveres in the next two or three days, make sure to check the condition with your doctor.
If you feel a lump in your armpit, or if you are experiencing severe shooting pain under your armpit, your first reaction reasonably will be fear. However, you shouldn’t raise the alarm button as in 80% of the cases, the reason for your question: why do I feel shooting pain under my armpit are swollen lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes are clear indicator that in your body there is a continuing fight between your white blood cells and some sort of bacteria or virus. When the immune system is sending more soldiers to fight the battle, more white blood cells are formed and the lymph nodes are enlarging. Just because these armpit lymph nodes are situated right under the skin, this enlargement feels like lumps and swelling of the same.

The main Causes of Pain in Armpits

  • Infections: when you shave the armpit area.
  • Lymphadenitis: in case of bacterial, virus, or fungal infection.
  • Nerve injury.
  • Breast cancer.
  • Muscle injury and strain: in case of extensive exercises.
  • Diabetes: in case of an increase of blood sugar levels in the body, so the armpit nerve may affect, causing a sharp pain under your arm.


Armpit Medical Causes:

Other Armpit Pain Causes

Pain in Armpits can be experienced by any man or woman. The armpit areas are very sensitive regions. Usually, the pain may be symptoms stress to the body in physical exercise or use of health products that may cause a chemical reaction in which case in which case avoiding such products can solve the pain issue. Unfortunately, there is likely a chance for it to be serious. Lumps and blisters in the armpits may be related to cancerous diseases. In which case seeking medical care is crucial to avoid further health problems.
For many females, the pains in armpits were a starting point to a more serious problem which includes breast cancer. Many who first ignored the first symptom of pain in the armpits but only later on after the situation worsened realized the seriousness of the issue. Also, many men and woman may also feel pain in the shoulders and arms alongside the armpits; this is because of the nerve connection in these areas of the body. Like with anybody pain, good healthy foods will always help in flushing out the system from bacteria and diseases. Prevention is always better than cure and although you may feel pain in armpits, it can always increase to a major problem in the long run if ignored.
As mentioned earlier the pain may be a minor problem such as too much use of a deodorant or just the type of clothing worn (tight clothing etc). Therefore always check with trial and error to find the cause of the pain. A simple removal of a health product from your bathroom may be the cure. Remember, the armpits are very sensitive areas and special close attention should be taken when pain occurs.
Now, there is a chance that the pain in armpits being more serious than it may seem. If you see blisters or bumps in the armpit areas then seek medical care right away. These are similar to chickenpox but are very painful. It is possible for it to spread in other areas of the body. In this case, the pain in armpits will slowly ease off after medical treatment.

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