What Are The 20 Symptoms of Migraines Headaches?

Severe changes in the brain result in severe head pains. This is usually accompanied by sensitivity to smells, sound and light. Sometimes, this pounding pain is usually one-sided.

This pain can be severe or moderate in terms of intensity. Let us go through some of the various signs of a migraine. There are more than 20 symptoms of a migraine.

The first symptom of a migraine is Aura

This is a sensation as of a cold breeze or bright light that precede4s the onset of a migraine. Visual auras are the most common. They include lines, spots or flickering lights.

What one sees is a jagged little line that develops cross hatches. Sometimes it moves in a curved direction. They usually last between five minutes and an hour. It then skips for around 60 minutes before the headache pain finally sets in.

However, it should be noted that there are certain patients who have auras without basically having a migraine.

Mood changes

This can be attributed to a migraine because there are patients who feel down, or depressed for no actual reason. On the contrary, there are those who suddenly feel very high. A group of Dutch researchers has reported about a possibility of a genetic link between the migraines and depression. This is especially so when it comes to migraines with aura.

Lack of restful sleep

Some of the most common problems of people with migraines include having trouble falling asleep or waking up feeling tired. There are various studies that have revealed a link between the intensity and frequency of migraines and lack of restorative sleep.

This is most certainly because it is definitely hard to get nice sleep once migraines strike. This, in turn, results in insomnia. It is the inability to sleep that creates a vicious cycle in which it triggers migraines.

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Having a stuffy nose or watery eyes

The following symptoms are called sinus symptoms; droopy eyelids, tearing, and stuffy nose are common in people with migraines. A study funded by GlaxoSmithKline( makes migraine medicine) revealed that nearly 90% of people who complain of a sinus headache actually did have migraines.


There are certain people who develop a craving for something just before a migraine attack occurs. The most common craving is chocolate.

Throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head

One of the most classic signs of a migraine is the pulsating pain. In most cases, this throbbing is usually felt on one side of the head.

Eye Pain

The pain in a migraine more often than not burrows behind the eye. A headache doesn’t go away even if the eye is checked.

Neck pain

There are those who have complained o getting a headache soon after experiencing a stiff neck. This usually happens during the early stages of a migraine. There are also those who feel a throbbing pain in the back of their necks, soon after a migraine.

Frequent urination

This is also another common symptom that is usually experienced by people just before getting a migraine. This can happen two hours before a migraine or even go as far as two days before a migraine occurs. These are the warning signs.


This yawning may be excessive and may occur at intervals of five minutes. This is another thing that could give signs of a migraine is about to occur.

Numbness and tingling

Experiencing sensory aura is the other sign that some people with migraines experience. This entails having a lack of sensation that is temporary. It could also entail having pins and needles feeling. In most cases, this occurs on one side of the body. All the way from the fingertips through the arm, and across the face.


This is another common sign that is most common in people with migraines.

When light, noise or smells seem to trigger or worsen the pain

It has been observed that people with migraines tend to move to a dark and place, whenever they have an attack. The pain of a migraine can be intensified through loud noises and bright lights.

When physical activity triggers or worsens the pain

These could be activities such as climbing the stairs or even just walking. Other exercises like running or lifting weights can induce a migraine pain.

Trouble speaking

This is another sign that shows that a migraine is on its way. There are those who tend to have speech difficulties and at times feel as though they are blithering.

Experiencing weakness on one side of the body

Just before a migraine attack, there are some people who go through some muscle weakness. This can be seen in cases where the arm goes limb.

Double vision

A basilar-type migraine is known to cause loss of vision, double vision, or dizziness.

Headache hangover

This is usually felt after a migraine passes. There are those who are left feeling as if their bodies have been pummeled. They experience symptoms such as loss of energy, weakness, dizziness, and lightheadedness.


Vomiting is a common sign in people who have migraines


There are some people with migraines who get the feeling that they are about to fall.


it can be seen that there are numerous signs of a migraine and they tend to differ from person to person and also, from one attack to another.

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