How To Relieve Your Wrist Pain To Improve Hand Mobility

Wrist Pain Relief


As we Know, wrist pain can be can be described as the painful sensation which affects the wrist area which experienced after hard working with your hand/s or once you move your hand suddenly.


Injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, overuse, and arthritis; as well as joint, muscle or bone problems are main causes of wrist pain. The good news is that wrist pain can be treated effectively through several different methods including the use of medications as well as natural methods.


If you want to eliminate your wrist pain, You must treat the cause of the wrist pain, not the symptom.  Doctors and therapists treat the symptoms, so they use drugs. The following are some of the treatment options for wrist pain:


1- Prescription and other medication:


Certain medications including NSAIDS, are used to help ease wrist pain and relieve inflammation. However, the medications depend on the cause of the pain. For instance, if the joint pain is as a result of arthritis or inflammation, NSAIDS can effectively help relieve the pain. Other effective medications include:


  • Corticosteroids:


    These are fast-acting medications that help address inflammation. They are effective for joint pain resulting from inflammation and they are usually injected directly into the joint.


  • Analgesics:


    These drugs are commonly used to treat wrist pain resulting from surgery and injuries. These drugs are specifically meant to help address joint pain, including wrist pain. They are the most ideal for people who are allergic to NSAIDS or experience stomach problems upon taking them.


  • Gout medication:


    Certain medication for treating gout are usually prescribed by doctors in order to help reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood. This is meant to help prevent joint pain including wrist pain in the future. Some other type of gout medication for acute joint pain as a result of gout or inflammation. Other foods to avoid include sugar, alcohol, and processed grains, among other.


Other commonly used drugs for treating wrist pain include:

  • Osteoporosis medications.
  • Biologic response modifiers.
  • Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs).



2- Natural treatments for wrist pain:


  • Applying ice:


    Applying ice to the affected joint is known to help reduce pain as well as swelling.


  • Following the prescribed diet:


    Since certain joint pains are a result of medical conditions, following the diet that prescribed by your doctor. For instance avoiding consuming large amounts of protein is one of the most effective ways of reducing wrist pain as a result of gout. In addition, you need to avoid additive such as tartrazine.


  • Performing your daily activity the right way:


    Doctors recommend that people who suffer from wrist pain use ergonomic accessories most of the times, including adapted computer mouse and keyboards.


    In addition, they should adopt the following measures:

  • Refrain from performing vigorous and repetitive activities using your hands if the activities last for more than two hours.


  • Exercises your wrist using strengthening exercises.


  • When working with your hands, ensure that they are in an ergonomic position.




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