Pain in Palm of Hand When Pressure Applied

In today post I am going to write about Pain in the palm of the hand when pressure applied (How & Why?) and the treatment options available.

The palm of hand pain has multiple causes. It is important to know the location and the nature of the pain. If the pain is located in the joints, the doctor will check the joints.

If the joints are painful when pressed, the pain is either joint stiffness (pain in the joints of the final fingers and the middle joints of the fingers). Or there is inflammation in the joints if there is an injury to the other joints and wrist.

In some cases, the inflammation is in the sheath of the tendons, in this case, the pain will be in the palm of the hand, especially in the area between the palm of the hand and the fingers (If the pain at the base of the thumb, check out this post).

You can touch these areas and pressure them, it will be painful, and these do not see in the normal radiograph, and it’s too painful with movement, Always there is no response to anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, and you need a cortisone injection in the inflammation area.

Sometimes the patient feels – in the morning – that he cannot move the fingers, or that one of the fingers has difficulty opening them straight after a while, and there may be a sound when moving, and also when the hand is examined by the doctor can diagnose without any image, An ultrasound scan is performed to confirm the diagnosis, so if your pain is in the palm area, it may be the cause.

Among the reasons are: compression of the central nerve in the wrist area, and although most patients complain of numbness and numbness in the hand, some have most of the symptoms they have pain, and the doctor some procedures during the examination, he can develop the diagnosis, and sometimes may see that There is a need for planning for the nerves of the hand.

If the pain increases when you lift things, especially if there is pressure on the thumb, the cause may be either roughness in the thumb joint or inflammation in the tendon’s casing. In this case, the pain is located in the area between the thumb and wrist.

The pain of the palm and close the fingers on the thumb, and then move the hand in the direction of the small finger; so that the hand to bend; the cause of pain in the wrist area near the thumb is the cause of inflammation tendons, and also need to give injection of cortisone topical, and in some cases may require the patient to conduct Surgery.

Sometimes the pain of the hand is spread from the neck, and the source is not the same hand, and because of the compression of nerves in the neck, in this case, increases pain at sleep, and when tilting the neck to the back and left.

If the patient is weak in the hand, it may be the cause, the pain is with the movement, the pain is vague, and the patient is forced to stop and the pain is lessened.

If you can find out why after reading this answer, you may want to check with a rheumatologist.

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