Is Acupuncture Good for Migraines?

Acupuncture is a high-quality technique that was developed in China some decades back. It is therapeutic that is done by piercing the body with some treated and sterilized solid needles.

A migraine is a state where one suffers a headache of varying intensity and is always associated with the sensitivity of both light and sound and nausea.

Acupuncture for migraines is a very suitable method that will effectively recover from such conditions. This is the reason why acupuncture is the leading and most reliable solution for treating migraines.

It does not only work by reducing the days with migraines but also ensures long-term effects on the users. Try it today and you will definitely get the ultimate results.

The acupuncture treatment is always provided in various NHS pain clinics; hence you can always acquire these services. It is also provided by the physiotherapists and the GP’s.


Types of Acupuncture for Migraines

There are various types of acupuncture for migraines that you can always be offered when you visit one of these NHS clinics.

The two main known and widely used are the western medical acupuncture and traditional Chinese concepts.

The western medical acupuncture for migraines

This is the most effective way of providing service in modern clinics. This type of acupuncture is based on three different factors. These include laboratory research, the biological effects of the needling and the clinical.

Through these, it has been found that acupuncture for migraines has certain effects on certain body parts.

For example, the acupuncture has effects on the brainstem, in the spinal cord, on the nervous system beginning with the local points where the needles are directly injected into the body.

The western is found to be more effective than traditional Chinese because of various factors. Some of these include: the western acupuncture is able to minimize the emotional aspects of pain in the brain and also in the pain transmission where the damping effects are always realized.

This, therefore, implies that the western acupuncture for migraines are very smart and favorable as you are guaranteed pain-free treatment. This type of acupuncture is also suitable for different focal points of the body.

For example, it can be done on the neck, head, feet, and hands. The acupuncture can also be needed so that it releases the muscles spasm that enables it to lead to the most effective conditions expected during the treatment.

These are very tender points in muscles that will trigger as expected. It is therefore very clear that the western acupuncture is the most suitable as it will not cause you any pain and can easily be done on the local parts of the body which are the trigger points.

The traditional Chinese medical

This is the other type of acupuncture for migraines that you can always go for to get quick relief from a migraine.

This type of acupuncture explains in details the disease and the illness known as the disturbance of QI. QI is a type of energy or force that is very vital experienced in the body.

This acupuncture will definitely be needled on the fourteen meridians that are on the body surfaces.

Once the acupuncture is done on these points, its main aim is to re-establish the expected flow of the QI on these meridians for an effective outcome. The number of needles that one is injected always differs depending on the various factors.

The needles are also distributed in a given pattern depending on what the acupuncturist will find best for you. Some of the factors that may determine both needle distribution and the number are the dietary advice and the herbal treatment of the Chinese.

For you to be examined before the treatment, the acupuncturist will have to either examine the tongue and the pulse. These are just some of the basics of the traditional Chinese acupuncture that you can always go for.

It is also very healthy and will relief you from migraine conditions. Don’t get stressed because of the complicated conditions of migraines because these two types of acupuncture will aid you out in the shortest time possible. Stay healthy with acupuncture today and you will definitely love it.

What is the tested and proven evidence of acupuncture for migraines?

There is various evidence that supports how effective acupuncture does it when it comes to migraine treatment.

Through the various researchers that have been carried out, the acupuncture has been found to be the ultimate cure for migraines.

You can always go for either the traditional Chinese or the western acupuncture that is much better.

The tests have always been done through the use of high quality and special needle that is held in the sheath. This is done to hide it from the patient. The needle then pricks gently into the patient’s skin.

The other method used is the sham acupuncture for migraines. This method involves inserting the needle away from the exact acupuncture points and quite less deeply.

Does acupuncture for migraines prevent it?

Yes, acupuncture is used as a preventive measure for a migraine. An imbalanced automatic nervous system is known to cause emotional stress which is a known for triggering migraines.

There is two main states in this process are the relaxed state and stressed state, which is inhibited and activated respectively.

When one experiences such imbalance, then he/she is likely to encounter other health problems like insomnia, heart disease, premenstrual syndrome, and hypertension.

These are some of the conditions that can be easily prevented by acupuncture technique. This is by decreasing the muscle tension while activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

The preventive acupuncture for migraines is carried on either the lower forearms or on the forearms.

The other type of symptoms of migraines is increased muscle tension in the upper back and on the neck. You can easily minimize such tension by the preventive measure of acupuncture.

To ensure that you prevent the situation, you are expected to find and treat the most reactive parts out of the twenty-four common diagnostics points.

An increased blood flow that can easily sore and tense the muscles can be achieved by affecting an instantaneous point.

To improve the blood flow to the muscles, you should apply an electrical current of about 1Hz to the needles. This will allow for smoother blood flow to the muscle tissue.

Besides the above preventive measures, you can also practice these to ensure that you minimize the incidences of migraines.

Some of these include: keeping off caffeine, avoiding alcohol and mostly the red wine, getting enough sleep of about seven to eight hours and trying to keep off from any trigger that may lead to a migraine.

You should also ensure that you don’t get either mental or physical fatigue plus doing away with foods known to trigger migraines like corn, wheat, chocolate, and spices ( See:

How does acupuncture work to ensure quick migraine relief?

Acupuncture for migraines works very excellently to provide a quick migraine relief that will leave you feeling at your best. The process of treatment starts by the insertion of small solid needles on given points of the body.

The next step is stimulation of the needles that can be done manually or by the use of electricity. Once the small vessels surrounding the region of the needles dilate, blood flow increases in the body tissues.

However, as actions as the actions meant to maximize the circulation of the blood are an ideal remedy for pain, the treatment is not perfect for migraines treatment.

This is because the migraine pain is involved with the blood vessel dilation in the head region. This eventually leads to increased circulation of blood in this area which can deteriorate the symptoms of the patient.

To resolve this, it is wise to avoid inserting these needles in the head, upper body, and the neck region. Needles should be used exclusively in the lower body as this prevents the dilation of blood vessels in the head region.

A prone potion is recommendable for the entire treatment rather than performing the treatment in a recumbent position. This is to aid in reducing the blood vessel dilation during acupuncture.

This is the most effective and procedural way that will ensure that you get relieved from migraines in the shortest time possible. It is always advisable to get in touch with a professional acupuncturist who can easily find at the NHS clinics.

You can also prevent migraines by the above-mentioned techniques or by using the acupuncture that will keep you safe. Get the best advice from the acupuncture for migraines specialist today and you will always stay healthy.

Acupuncture is highly recommended for anyone suffering from migraines because it has no side effects to the user. This is from the researchers that have been carried out on acupuncture.

The western acupuncture that is found to be more effective than the traditional Chinese method should be the most preferable since it is pain-free.

What are the safety measures of acupuncture for migraines?

Before deciding to go for acupuncture for migraines, it is always healthy and wise to get informed of the precautions you need to put into consideration.

The safety measure will enable you to avoid some mistakes that may be unfavorable on your side. You should always ensure that you obtain the acupuncture treatment from a licensed practitioner.

This is because the level of safety during the treatment should be extremely high and should only be delivered by skilled and qualified practitioners.

The side effects of acupuncture for migraines

The most common side effect experienced after this procedure is mild and includes the following;

  • Minor bleeding or bruising which normally happens immediately the needle is withdrawn. However, this does not last for long.
  • Deterioration of symptoms that were already existing. This normally lasts not more than a couple of days as a result, the outcome is greatly improved the overall health condition.
  • Euphoria, drowsiness or relaxation. This usually happens as pleasurable and therefore it is not an adverse side effect.
  • Pain at the insertion points. This is common because when the needles are inserted into the skin, you will definitely feel the pain.
  • Depending on the arrangement and the number of needles recommended by the acupuncturist, you may get to experience more pain that may not last for long.
  • When you go to the western acupuncture, it will be quite better because the intensity of the pain is reduced by the techniques involved.
  • Different individuals respond differently to various treatments. Therefore, it is for this reason that some individuals might experience severe side effects after undergoing the acupuncture for migraines treatment. However, the severe side effects are extremely rare and only witnessed occasionally or in special cases. Some of these severe side effects include; A puncture in the heart or in the lung membrane. This is corrected by the use of the correct technique.
  • Infection of diseases that are blood bone, for example, hepatitis C. However, this is normally prevented by the use of sterile, single-use and disposable needles.
  • Potential skin infections. This normally happens during the ear acupuncture treatment, especially if there is the use of indwelling studs.

Due to these side effects which have been classified as either mild or severe, you need a qualified and experienced acupuncturist who will correct any of these conditions that might come as a result of undergoing the acupuncture treatment.

It is also advisable to seek the western acupuncture that is now offered at the NHS pain clinics instead of going for the traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Enjoy a life free from migraines because it works very effectively by providing quality results.

The acupuncture for migraines technique has therefore enhanced both the prevention and treatment of migraines. This is because it provides the expected results in the shortest time possible.

With the two main types of acupuncture, you need to select wisely based on the advantages. The western acupuncture is best for a pain-free acupuncture for migraines and is readily available in the local NHS pain clinics.

To minimize the side effects, you also need to find qualified and experienced practitioners who will aid you get the best treatment. It is common for everything to have advantages and disadvantages.

In this case, the pros of acupuncture outweigh the disadvantages making the procedure worth of your every penny and time.

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